DDoS-Attacks on EU-Insitutions by russian activist, analyzed and summarized


While attacks are ongoing and are problem for some institutions, most defenders could go with Geofencing, and we did not saw widespread coordinated attacks with massive impact on eu-institutions or the election itself.

In the week before the European Elections early June 2024, a group of russian hacktivists announced a widespread campaign against european infrastructure

Now, after the election-weekend, we want to check what and who got attacked, based on the claims of participating groups.

Its not the first time of such announcement, and while isolated attacks are always annoying for those attacked, especially when your protection has strong potential for optimization, we still havent seen any widespread coordinated effort and success to disrupt critical european infrastructure. Still, these attacks are not harmless


targets in more than 15 Countries have been attackeda handful of political parties (NL, SL, DK, SE) and voter-portalsweapon-manufacturerspublic transportation all over europe (80% of the attacks) (LU, AT, DE, EU, IT, GR, PL, IE, SL, DK, CZ, NL)



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